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Développement d’Outils Numériques de Traitement et d’interprétation des Signaux géophysiques pour les réservoirs

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The various geophysical methods used for the exploration of new energy resources such as geothermal energy, for the search for primary hydrogen or for the development of resource storage sites do not have a suffisante resolution to recognize many of the structures that make up the reservoirs. This is particularly sensitive for faulted and fractured reservoirs, regardless of the formations targeted (magmatic, metamorphic or sedimentary) and for reservoirs associated with significant variations in facies that may be of petrological, sedimentary, diagenetic, hydrothermal or volcanic origin.

The objective of this project is to propose new tools for the analysis of geophysical data to identify the structures that make up these reservoirs. It is based on :

- the development of new conceptual models, based on a common criterionisation between geologists, geophysicists and modellers,

- the development of geophysical methods adapted to each of the geological objects studied thanks to three sets of data from different geological contexts,

- the development of new geomodelling tools,

- the development of new tools for simulation and inversion of geophysical information,

- elements for qualitative or pseudo-quantitative interpretation of inversion results.


Yves Geraund University of Lorraine (FR)