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Unlocking the world’s vast geothermal energy resources depends on our ability to construct profitable geothermal reservoirs. These act as efficient heat exchangers in the subsurface, allowing heat from a large volume of bedrock to be extracted. The contact surface between the brine, which is to be produced to the surface, and the bedrock largely depends on natural fractures. Technology to improve flow through geothermal reservoirs is crucial for achieving sufficient production to make the resource profitable in larger regions. Hydraulic and thermal stimulation of the reservoir, by pumping water into the reservoir at elevated pressure, has proved to be promising technologies. In this project, with full title Enhancing Geothermal Reservoirs – Hydraulic and Thermal Stimulation Technology, integrated numerical modelling and data analysis tools are developed to further develop these technologies.

Project partners are UiB (host institution), NORSAR and Statoil and the project is funded by the Research Council of Norway, UiB and Statoil.


Inga Beere Coordinator
University of Bergen (NO)